Queensland Military Historical Society Inc.

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The Queensland Military Historical Society (QMHS) is a non-governmental, non-profit body, which supports the advancing of knowledge and committed
to Queensland's social and cultural history. Based in Brisbane, QMHS is devoted to promoting an Australian perspective on the research, conservation,
continuation and communication to society of Queensland's military defence history, present and future, physical and non-physical.



Our mission is to promote understanding of Queensland's military history, through research and scholarship, the provision of a forum for discussion, and
the development and exhibition of our collections.



We envision a community that will be curious about our military past, who will seek to analyse, record and share what has transpired, and be inspired by
the understanding they gain.



The aim of the Society is to promote and enhance community understanding of Queensland’s military history from 1824 to the present.

To achieve this aim, the Society will:

  1. Develop a museum collection that portrays the military heritage of Queensland, and display, exhibit and interpret museum items.

  2. Develop a library collection of published and unpublished information that document or support research into the military history of Queensland.

  3. Conduct and participate in commemorative events and activities that enhance community understanding of Queensland’s military history.

  4. Support, promote and publish research and scholarship into Queensland’s military history, and provide a forum for community participation.

  5. Engage members in commemorative and social activities that promote interest in Queensland’s military history, and provide opportunities for
    members to contribute in practical ways to the advancement of the society.